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Today Melisha releases the song "Hunted" which is the February song in her project #onesongamonth

music video

Today, February 25, Melisha releases her new song Hunted which is the February song in her project #onesongamonth, something she started with in the summer of 2021. This year Melisha celebrates ten years anniversary in her studio in Brewhouse in Gothenburg, is a single mother, music producer and also a teacher at HSM in music production in Gothenburg.

The song is about being chased by your own negative side, a side that we all have in different ways and that challenges us. Now, of course, the song's message is open to interpretation and someone may be able to relate to feeling hunted in their relationships. People who like to control others in a negative way is unfortunately an overly relevant topic this week. The track is electronic with a new type of song editing, which Melisha calls Cylinder vocals.

music video

The music video is created in Final cut pro with the idea that it should look like a hybrid between reality and the animated. In the video we see two personas where she who has purple hair is the one who is to personify the negative side.

  1. "Doing a project like this with one song a month is obviously very challenging and gives rise to the fact that you often have to deal with negative thoughts. This song is a way to process these," says Melisha.

In addition to teaching at HSM, Melisha also works as a communicator and social media manager. In this way, she can also focus on releasing her own music on her own label. Before that, she has for all these years focused on producing music for others.

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