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Vacation song - 38th song in #onesongamonth project

Oh my! My song is ready and out! Beautiful Croatia is where I´m currently at! It´s vacation with my son and family and in this song a lot of family members have been joining in 🏝️🏖️

I´ve been filming in Porec where I´m currently staying at the Hotel Mediteran Plava Laguna - a wonderful spot and the hotel is just fabulous!

My brother in law @zovic_plays is playing accordion, my sister is doing backup vocals, my niece is playing the violin and my son is playing tabla.

On top of this, my father has done the mastering of the song!

In the video you can see our Zovic family members - we are 10 people in our family here on vacation together! Lukas, Noa, Saga and Natalie is on the playground and Saga also helped me do some filming!

I know that family is a blessing and also to be able to go on vacation. God knows I have worked hard to be able to go on holiday, being a single mother and an entrepreneur. Apart from last year, it was 7 years that I wasn´t able to go on vacation or even have one. 

All other instruments in this song are played by yours truly and I really hope you will get joy from this song. ❤️ The song is only on youtube!

I want to thank everyone involved in this song and I now I am soon off the grid - taking vacation! 

This is the 38th song in my #onesongamonth project.

"The goal for my project this year is to focus on: 🌱🌍 Sustainability - awareness of our impact on the world 👗🕰️🎩 Exploring fashion from past eras - traveling through the ages ♻️💭 Second-hand and circular thinking - and last but not least - 🧘‍♂️ Mindfulness and being in the present moment ..... - and having fun! 🎉🎵"



  •  The audio recording took place at Powah Studio in Brewhouse, Gothenburg.

  • Produced by Melisha.

  • The #onesongamonth project is about letting creativity take place in life.

  • Talkbox and synth in the song is played by my brother in Law Markus Linnell Zovic and live drums, base, guitar and all the rest is played by me.


-- The last day of May, this song will be released - exclusively on my YouTube channel!


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