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Happy Birthday - a birthday song from yo mama!

When a mother has a child that has his 18:th birthday - it´s a very special feeling! In Sweden, when you turn 18 you are considered to be a grown up.

Now "Yo mama" is back for this special funk band-inspired birthday celebration with the 37th song in the #onesongamonth project, with a video that was inspired from 80:s film classics of shrunken kids and brothers of blues, maybe you know which movies that is referred?

This song is dedicated to my kid thats turning 18 in june!!! 🥳🎂🎁


Alongside of Melisha, dressed up as shrunken brothers of blues - and in front of a huge birthday cake, you´ll see Melishas best friend Kimtina - who is also a producer and an artist. And has appeared in multiple of her videos.

"Yo mamas been cooking cooking all day

she´s half way dressed and hair looks insane

Nothing can stop her break arms and legs

She´s working so hard to not be too late"- Lyrics, Happy Birthday.


Maybe some of you can relate. We do everything for our kids on these special days! Actually I broke my arm while preparing for a birthday celebration for my kid in 2013, but it didn´t stop me.

Heres a picture of me from that time with my broken arm:

This song is to celebrate our first days and our birthdays and hopefully it will put some smiles on your faces. To be grateful for our loved ones and to be in the moment of celebrating together! By the way I won´t post picture of my son who is turning 18, because this song is a surprise and therefore I can´t ask him for his consent. But he appeared in my video "Tricky" and was doing the beatbox.


Lastly but not least I wish you lots of love and best wishes and happy birthdays ahead!

/ Melisha  

"The goal for my project this year is to focus on: 🌱🌍 Sustainability - awareness of our impact on the world 👗🕰️🎩 Exploring fashion from past eras - traveling through the ages ♻️💭 Second-hand and circular thinking - and last but not least - 🧘‍♂️ Mindfulness and being in the present moment ..... - and having fun! 🎉🎵"



  •  The audio recording took place at Powah Studio in Brewhouse, Gothenburg.

  • Produced by Melisha.

  • The #onesongamonth project is about letting creativity take place in life.

  • Talkbox and synth in the song is played by my brother in Law Markus Linnell Zovic and live drums, base, guitar and all the rest is played by me.


-- The last day of May, this song will be released - exclusively on my YouTube channel!


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