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New twenties-swingjazz inspired song from Melisha in her #onesongamonth project !

Updated: Apr 2

This video was a lot of fun to make ! 🎩🎺🎹🎵🥂🐣

My son Leonardo, who is 18 in three months, is making the beatbox and you can see him in the video! 🎺

We live in a tricky world for sustainable creators, sole entrepreneurs who are trying to make a living of creations. The creations are based of the work of their hands and they can´t clone themselves.

🎩 Sole entrepreneurs that rely on their own hand made work are not likely to get investors, and they are working hard in competition of the take-make-waste linear model. This is because we live in a world where we are told businesses should focus on profit and the ability to scaleup.

🌍 Items that we humans consume and use in our daily lives, such as clothes, jewelry, or household appliances are currently built according to a linear production model. This means that they are NOT based on recycled materials, built to be repaired, or designed to last over time. Today's production companies are more focused on generating profit by selling as many newly produced products as possible, which makes the product's lifespan and sustainability less important factors. In the wake of the linear model's mass production of items, the shortage of raw materials, waste, garbage, and thus, humanity's carbon footprint increases. Moreover, there is a push to sell items as cheaply as possible, which means that production is often outsourced to countries where wages can be driven down - but where we do not see working conditions or terms for those employed in mass production. In our economic focus on profit and mass production, individual sustainable entrepreneurs and creators, who rely on their businesses for livelihood, struggle to survive. Professions such as jewelry designers, individual sustainable clothing makers, owners of physical secondhand stores, as well as tailors, repairers, and cobblers are needed in the circular transition - before we destroy our planet with mass production!

♻️ The answer is the circular model ♻️ - and sole entrepreneurs are a crucial part of this model!♻️

We as creators, we sacrifice so much and work so hard to reach audiences and customers and in a sustainable and equal world - creators matter !

💗 This is my March #song in my #onesongamonth project ! 🎩🎺🎹🎵🥂🐣 - only on #youtube 📺 🎩

This is the 37:th song in my #project ! 🎵🥂🎉

The goal for my project this year is to focus on: 🌱🌍 #Sustainability - consciousness of our Impact in the world 👗🕰️🎩 Exploring the past time #fashion - travel through time eras ♻️💭 #Secondhand and #circular mindset - and last but not least - 🧘‍♂️ #Mindfulness and being in the moment ..... oooh and I should add - having fun !🎉🎵 I wish you a very #happyeaster ! 💗🐣

The trumpet in the recording is not played by me, it´s played by my niece Ida! 🎺👏

I play all the other instruments. The hats I wear is made by my mother and the necklace the character with the dotted dress is wearing is made by Nadja Itäsaari. 🎩

-- THE last day of March ɪ released this ꜱᴏɴɢ - only on Youtube !

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