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Now a new song is released called Answers

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

-She has released one song with a music video a month - since summer 2021 - this is the 22nd song

Answers - the twenty-second music video in Gothenburg-based artist-producer Melisha's project #onesongamonth - will be released tomorrow. The song is a dance track that is about the importance of taking it slow and not stress things out. The video was recorded in the Brewhouse arena in Gothenburg, in the same building where Melisha has her recording studio on the 4th floor since 10 years.

Brewhouse (see picture of Brewhouse below) was originally Apotekarne's old soda factory that was built in the mid-1930s. What is now the Brewhouse arena was originally the large hall where the drinks were bottled. Since 2004, the factory building has been filled with small businesses with common roots in the media, music and film industries. And on floor 4, where Melisha has had her recording studio since 10 years ago, Apotekarne's laboratory and cooling tower were originally located. Now, instead, music and audiovisual art projects are brewed here, such as Melisha's music.

The music video is in black and white but the lights and smoke are in color. The music is (like all songs in the project) composed, performed, played, produced, mixed and mastered by Melisha in her studio.


Brewhouse was designed by the architect Folke Bensow, who had been influenced by the functionalist fashion of the time

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