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Now Melisha releases Angels cry

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

This is my 28th song in my #onesongamonth project 💚🌱 Angels cry. 👼 It’s my second song about the vegan perspective which is a big part of my life being 31 years vegan. Everyone has their own journey and choices and if we can talk more about how our choices affects us it can be very beneficial for us as humans.

This time the writing of the song centers around the new bass guitar I recieved as a gift from my stephfather, Jonny Olsen. A Peavey Bass Guitar, 1980s.

Link to your preferred streaming platform⬇️⬇️🐉 💜 • Angels Cry 👼😢💚🌱

Big thank you to my vegan community in Facebook and a special thank you to Kenny Finger who helped me with conceptualizing the message in the video.

Amazon on fire - The Amazon is of vital importance because people around the world, as well as locally, depend on the rainforest. Not just for food, water, wood and medicines, but to help stabilise the climate—around 76 billion tonnes of carbon is stored in the Amazon rainforest. The trees in the Amazon also release 20 billion tonnes of water into the atmosphere per day, playing a critical role in global and regional carbon and water cycles. Fires were three times more common in beef-producing zones than in the rest of the Amazon, according to recent analysis. The findings once again draw attention to the links between Brazil’s powerful beef industry and the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest. In a study from Oxford University, including contributing authors to the WHO's Global Burden of Disease report, researchers used data from this report to calculate how different dietary patterns affect our environment and health. Here it is stated that if we were to adopt a vegan diet 8.1 million premature deaths can be prevented. Hundreds billions of dollars will also be saved in reduced care costs. The researchers also emphasize that these figures are underestimations in terms of existing data. The vegan diet also provided the greatest benefits for the environment.

Here’s my first vegan song: • Aliens music video 👽🌱💚 Links to social media⬇️🐉 💜: / melishamusicproduction / melisha_musicprod / melishapowah / melisha-linnell-bb478293 Link to Spotify artist profile✅⬇️📲 👂🎧🐉 💜 Link to MyNewsDesk, blogs and pressreleases ⬇️⬇️⬇️ 🐉 💜 Link to website ⬇️⬇️⬇️ 🐉 💜

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