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Yo mama is trying to be a Rock Star

Yo mama is trying to be a Rock Star

- 27:th song in #onesongamonth

Today, Melisha releases her 27th song in the #onesongamonth project. Glam rock why not ? 🤘😁😍🎸 Here is the music video:

”For this release I’ve taken inspiration from my past experience as an artist in Park Lane Cabaret here in Gothenburg where we did 70 shows ! The name of the show was “Sounds of the seventies” and for this release (this Friday) I was inspired by the glam rock ! See pictures of me in th show below!

As a single mother and doing this crazy project I wanted to write about how kids often think that parents are embarrassing and I think maybe a lot of people can relate”

In the video my dearest sister daughter Natali is playing my child and in the second verse my lovely best friend and artist Missy Crown and her lovely daughter Dominique is featured.

FIlmed by: Melisha, Dominique and Malin Linnell Zovic.

Link to your preferred streaming platform⬇️⬇️⬇️💕

Link to Spotify artist profile✅⬇️📲 👂🎧💕

Written, produced, mixed and mastered by MΣᄂIƧΉΛ Mυѕι¢₱яσ∂υ¢тισ₦

Synth solo played by Markus Linnell Zovic

All rest of the instruments and vocals: Melisha

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