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What if we just are

The song explore thoughts about the existential nature of humans. How we put ourselves in boxes, narratives and beliefs which only cements old norms and ideas without us being able to question them. Because the writer of the song is a woman, the starting point is also how the woman is percieved and valued by her appearance and clothes by society and normative values. The title is a question. And the song is a celebration of our ability to question things, even us just being. And especially - let people just be as they want. The eye is very interesting because it can represent truth but also a distorted reality, depending on what kind of logic, which beliefs and prejudices is present in the mind behind it.

The dancer in the video is Amani. The song is written and produced by me, Melisha MusicProduction. Choirs are sung by Zukie Fioxu and Nadja Itäsaari

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