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Today the June song "Summer Night" is released in the project #onesongamonth!

Today Melisha releases the song "Summer Night" which is the 11th song in the project #onesongamonth which started on August 7, 2021. The project means that Melisha releases one song a month with accompanying music video and this time it will be an uptempo song which is a tribute to the summer floors' dance floor.

Melisha is a single mother, music producer and has had a studio in Brewhouse in Gothenburg for 10 years. She has previously focused on producing other artists but has always written songs herself. When the corona pandemic struck, the idea was formed to focus on getting their own music on their own label in the above-mentioned project. She does everything herself, writes the songs, records, plays all instruments, mixes and does final production. In addition, due to the DIY nature of the project, she also edits her music videos. Since the project #onesongamonth started on August 7, in addition to the songs released per month, she has also released a compilation album with the name 21 with three more songs in addition to the project, but which were released in 2021. To this are also added two piano versions that have been released. A total of 16 songs will be released on music platforms since 2021. She is still waiting to reveal how far the project is intended to extend, but the first year is fast approaching.

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