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Today Melisha releases her "March song" called "Child again" in her project #onesongamonth

Today Melisha releases her new song "Child Again" which is the March song in her project #onesongamonth, a project that was started in the summer of 2021. In the video, her niece Natali is dancing and the song is about the perspective of feeling like a child.

  1. "When I was a child I had a strong experience, I was no more than 3-4 years old. I remember touching my legs and arms and feeling an overwhelming feeling that this body is new and I thought to myself that I'm a child again. It was a profound feeling of being an old soul in a child's body. " says Melisha.

But this song is not just about feeling like an old soul in a child's body but also about finding your inner child. To look at the world with curious eyes and spontaneous appreciation, and be full of reverence and wonder at this magnificent universe.

In the song you can hear piano, song but also a modified messenger sound in the beginning, which can possibly be perceived as water drops.

Melisha is a single mother, music producer and has a studio in Brewhouse in Gothenburg. In addition to teaching at HSM, Melisha also works as a communicator at GU Ventures, social media manager and also a teacher at HSM in music production in Gothenburg. . In this way, she can also focus on releasing her own music on her own label. Before that, she has for all previous years focused on producing music for others.

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