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Today Melisha releases her album called 21!

Melisha is today releasing an album called "21" which is a compilation album with the songs she released in 2021. Due to her project #onesongamonth, she does things a bit the other way around. The project means that she releases one song a month and was started in the summer of 2021. However, the album contains all the songs that were released in 2021, including those that were released before the project #onesongamonth began.

Link to album on your preferred streaming platform ⬇️⬇️⬇️💕

Melisha is a single mother, music producer and has had a studio in Brewhouse in Gothenburg for 10 years. Before she had her studio in Brewhouse, she had her studio in Vasa viktoriagatan, but for a period she also had it in Studio Bohus in Kungälv. She has previously focused on producing other artists but has written songs herself from a young age. She started producing when she was 11 years old and then with an Atari 1040 with sequencers. Since starting her business, she has built up her studio gradually. She has worked in Pro Tools since 2005 (before that in Logic, Cubase, etc.) and also taken a lot of production, mix and mastering jobs. A DAW that she really likes is also Harrison MixBus.

She also works as a guest teacher at HSM in Gothenburg on the bachelor's program for music production in production, mix and finishing (mastering) and has also been involved in founding EQLovesMusic non-profit association which has created annual projects for gender equality in music production.

On April 29, the next song in the project #onesongamonth will be released and you can pre-save it here:

In addition to teaching at HSM, Melisha also works as a communicator at GU Ventures, social media manager. In this way, she can also focus on releasing her own music on her own label. Before that, she has for all these years focused on producing music for others.

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