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Today Melisha is releasing 'Love 4 Xmas' - watch the video here!

Today, Melisha releases a new Christmas song called "Love for Christmas". As usual, it is written, played, produced, mixed and mastered by herself in her studio in Brewhouse in Gothenburg. Here you can see the music video which features both inside and outside of the old brewery Brewhouse, where she has been working for 10 years.

"The message is simple, to wish love and to show compassion to others at Christmas time. And yet it is the most important message to give." says Melisha.

Click on the image to go to the music video:

On the wall behind Melisha, you can see a drawing made by the Italian drawing artist and graphic artist Nicholas D´Antonio with motifs of Melisha as a child. The drawing is the song's artwork and is included in the video as a symbol of our inner child who needs to be loved.

The music is part of her DIY project where she releases a song and music video a month which has been going on since the summer of 2021. Here you can preview the song which makes up the 18th track of the project.

In this video you can see drone footage filmed at Brewhouse in Gothenburg, especially in the outtro. Melisha has had her recording studio in Brewhouse for 10 years. The drone footage is filmed by Nils Nydén Holm. Brewhouse is an old brewery in Gothenburg Sweden and is a great building with a music arena stage, lot of artistic businesses and opportunities with their business incubator. It is owned by Higab, which owns so many of Gothenburgs most important buildings and is part of making this town one of the most beautiful in Sweden.

This song was actually performed the first time live exclusively in GU Ventures awards december when Melisha had a piano gig there.

  1. "GU Ventures is a wonderful incubator company I am blessed to work at with the most wonderful team in the world! After this I also performed the song at Brewhouse arena and also in P4 Gothenburg." says Melisha.

Link to preview audio:

Link to pre save:

About the music/video: The drone footage is filmed by Nils Nydén Holm Other filming filmed by Melisha The video is edited by Melisha Lyrics and music written by: Melisha Music composed, produced, instruments played, mixed and mastered by Melisha The drone comes from the company Swedron

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