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The song "Queen of Halloween" inspired by Mariah Carey's attempt to trademark "Queen of Christmas...

Halloween is approaching fast and now the black sheep of the holidays gets a completely newly written Halloween song "Queen of Halloween". Internet artist Melisha was inspired by the trademark dispute surrounding "Queen of Christmas"and she is highlighting that the title Queen of Halloween is for everyone who wants it. This time, the Gothenburg-based music producer has also composed a vampire opera aria as intro music to the electronic pop song, which takes place in an environment with a lot of soul and history, more specifically the Stora Teatern in Gothenburg. This is the 15:th song in Melisha's project #onesongamonth.

When Mariah Carey wanted to trademark the title "Queen of Christmas" this year, there were quite rightly outraged reactions from other artist colleagues who believed that they had been deprived of their right to use the title. And it's all because Mariah Carey's song "All I want for christmas is you" is not only the best-selling Christmas song by a female artist, but also exceeded one billion plays on Spotify in 2021.

DIY artist Melisha began analyzing Carey's lyrics and discovered that the message of the song, which was also voted the most popular Christmas song of 2021, is about a woman who has no ambitions, desires or desires other than to wait for another man Christmas.

The text for Queen of Halloween was thus written, of course with a twinkle in the eye, as an anti-text to this message, which feels appropriate for Halloween, the defiant young relative of Christmas. The text of the opera aria was written by Kimtina Malmcrona (KittyKaytee) in Romanian and has references from classic vampire films.

Stora Teatern, built between 1856 and 1859, is one of the earliest examples of the continental theater building style that developed in the mid-19th century. The building provided a perfect setting for the vampire-inspired video, which was shot on October 13.

The creations that the vampires in the video wear, the head pieces, have been designed by Viveka Gren and KittyKaytee is featuring on the song with a verse of vampire rap. Kittykaytee who also has the artist name MissyCrown, is a music producer herself and released a Raw Remix av Queen of Halloween now on October 25.

In the video you can also see another colleague of Melisha, Nadja Itäsaari as one of the vampires.

Link to your preferred streaming platform ⬇️⬇️👽👽💚🌱

Filmed by: MissyCrown, Nadja Itäsaari and Melisha

Music production, instruments, mix and finishing (mastering): Melisha

Music Video editing: Melisha

Violin by: Salome Kent

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