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Now the May-song "Better Now" in Melisha MusicProduction's project #onesongamonth is out - with m...

In the project #onesongamonth, which means that the artist producer Melisha MusicProduction releases a song on the last Friday of each month with an accompanying music video, today the May-song "Better now" is released with a music video that breathes 80's audiovisual pop art.

The song "Better now" is about that it's okay if things do not feel completely perfect, but that it may be enough that things can feel better.

The text is written with analogies from sound technology but with a reference to life's journey. People with challenges, mental illness or who are going through tough periods can sometimes find it hard to find the light in the tunnel, and the song is about this.

  1. "The song is definitely self-experienced because I myself have gone through many tough challenges in life and have had to find my ways to cope with them," says Melisha

Since the project started on August 7, she has with this song released 10 songs within the project #onesongamonth and a compilation album with the name 21 with three more songs in addition to the project. In addition, there are two piano versions that have been released, which will then be a total of 15 songs released on music platforms since 2021. She is still waiting to reveal how far the project is intended to extend, but soon the first year is approaching.

  1. "For each new song, I learn something new from my creation and the idea is that all songs that are released are part of the same project, which means that each of the songs becomes an important piece of the puzzle. The creative process when you do a continuous project like this becomes a bit different and I think of the Forrest Gump quote `Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get´ ", says Melisha.

The song is pop and has a lot of electronic 80's influences but as she imagines it would sound 2022. Produced, mixed and mastered by Melisha Musicproduction who is the artist. Background song by Melisha's good friend (who also happens to be an intern in her studio right now) Zukie who has also been involved in writing the subtitles and who is also involved in the video.

In the video you can also see Melisha's friend Nadja Itäsaari as a dancer and talking in a banana phone.

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Melisha is now also since 2020 one of the Swedish representatives in a collaborative project for gender equality in music production that has been announced by the Canadian National Arts Center, Ottawa. The project is a collaboration between Sweden, Canada, South Africa, Argentina and Estonia. The participants have more than 10 years of experience and the genres focus on pop, electro, rock singer-songwriter / world. See link HERE.

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