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Now Melisha's new song No More Games in the project #onesongamonth and the music video is out - w...

No more games

The next song from Melisha MusicProduction's project #onesongamonth is out now. No More Games is about a relationship with someone who you feel is playing games with you and is written, produced, mixed and mastered by Melisha in her studio in Brewhouse. Melisha is playing with two different vibes within one song, both calm but also careless up tempo, just to get a picture of both the sad part but also the strength of setting boundaries.

No more games video

"No More games is about clearing the energy of relationships that is giving you insecurity or that the person is giving you confusing vibes, strong negative and then flip to positive ones, maybe even with gaslighting or manipulation. When you feel that the person simply do not have your best interest in heart. So the song is meant to encourage you to say: NO MORE GAMES ! Get rid of bad energies in your life!", says Melisha.

Melisha has once again collaborated with the fantastic designer Viveka Gren with a kimono that she wears in the music video.

Link to Spotify ✅⬇️📲 👂🎧💕

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About the project #onesongamonth

Melisha has since June 2021 released almost one song a month and and it was in October that the idea of one song a month crystallized. She thus started the project #onesongamonth, which is, to say the least, a challenging one. How long the plan to run the project will be revealed soon.

"I started the project first and foremost to get myself to prioritize my music, something I am used to over the years to prioritize last. Then it is a fun challenge to see if I can manage it but also a way to be able to give more of my music to those who like it. ", says Melisha

Magic was released in June, Heart Back in August, Messed Up on October 1, In the Flame on October 31.

To also create a video for each release requires having ideas that must be feasible, which means a lot of challenges, which you can read about HERE.

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