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New Album named 22 out today!

ALbum cover

Today the album called 22 from Gothenburg-based music producer and artist Melisha is released. The songs are part of the project that was started in 2021 where Melisha releases one song a month.

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Melisha is a Swedish/Norwegian 100% DIY artist, single mother of a boy of almost 16 years with a studio in Brewhouse since the last 10 years but has had the studio for a total of 22 years. She has a bachelor's degree in music production from Dalarna University. She is passionate about the DIY concept as she releases on her own label but also writes, produces, mixes and masters the music as well as edits and makes all her music videos herself.

In the summer of 2021, Melisha started the #onesongamonth project, which means that she releases one song a month with an accompanying music video, more precisely on the last Friday of each month.

Over the years she has produced, mixed and mastered for other artists and also worked as a piano bar artist and DJ. When the pandemic came and the gigs disappeared, so did most of the jobs, which meant that she had to take more jobs within her second education, which is as a web developer with a focus on graphic communication, websites and social media manager, which in turn led to her having time over in the studio for his own songs and projects.

"My project #onesongamonth feels to me like a life adventure, much like cycling across continents or sailing around the world. Where the journey is more important than the destination.", says Melisha

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