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Melisha reveals new sustainability goals in her February release!

This release is about something I really passionate about – and that's secondhand!

Did you know that recent studies shows that as many as of the 150 billion fashion items produced each year, 45 billion are never sold or worn – and mostly end up either in landfill, or being incinerated; at growing cost to both producers and planet. According to the British Fashion Council, there are enough clothes on the planet right now to dress the whole world for the next 100 years - the next six generations of the human race!

Sustainability goals

With this song I want to reveal my aim for my #onesongamonth project this year which can be summed up in a couple of sentences; 🌱🌍 Sustainability - consciousness of our Impact in the world 👗🕰️ Exploring the past time fashion - travel through times ♻️💭 Secondhand and circular mindset and last but not least Mindfulness and being in the moment 🧘‍♂️


I have been inspired by people around me for this release. In this music video, I have exclusively used clothes from my local secondhand store called Studio.W I have also filmed some clips to the music video from the store !

I think it's important to support local Secondhand stores – but I also love that store so much! I'm very inspired by the owner in this release as well, and I´m even using a vintage dress from the turn of the century in the video!

I also want to mention another inspiration I got. While in my consulting firm where I am consulting for the incubator Founders Loft, which focuses on sustainable businesses, I have recently coached a company called Freyah who is building a circular marketplace to enable the circular transition for large producers. I am very inspired and impressed by this founder!

I also want to use sustainability living in the form of more mindfulness – so I am dedicated to make as few posts on social media as possible. Those of us who want to release music or build a brand are constantly bombarded with things like "post several times a week", "make more videos!", "more Reels", "more content!" But I want to be a counterbalance to that. If it means that my "brand doesn't grow fast enough", then I actually don't care about it. If I can build followers who know that I release once a month, they won't have to see me too much haha. I also want to try to encourage people to spend less time on screens and social media. 📵🧘‍♂️

New interview

A few days ago I´ve been interviewed by a Swedish magazine called Musikindustrin and you can read it in Swedish here:

-- TODAY THE last day of February ɪ am releasing this ꜱᴏɴɢ only on Youtube !

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