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Melisha releases the song "They Say" which is the April song in her project #onesongamonth!

In the summer of 2021, Melisha started the project #onesongamonth, which means that she releases one song a month with an accompanying music video, more precisely the last Friday of each month. Now she has released "They Say" which is the April song in the project.

  1. "My #onesongamonth project feels to me like a life adventure, much like cycling through continents or sailing around the world. Where the journey is more important than the goal, "says Melisha

"They Say" is a new type of song that may differ slightly in sound from previous releases because the instruments are more acoustic than what she usually includes in her songs. The bass is her dad's old mini bass and the drums are her son's electric kit and in the recording and in the video she plays all the other instruments such as pedal organ, piano, guitar and cello.

  1. "Through this song, I get to live out my old dream that I had when I was a teenager about playing in a band!", Says Melisha.

The song is about how it is sometimes hard to believe that you will reach your goals or fulfill your dreams. The world and the internet is full of phrases that are meant to inspire you to achieve your goals. But it is a double-edged sword and can lead to an even greater sense of failure.

  1. "If you're struggling financially and haven´t had the same opportunities, it can sound dissonant when you hear people say phrases like 'you can achieve exactly what you want, if you just believe in yourself!', And I know what it's like. I haven´t had the same opportunities as others and have always had to struggle a lot "says Melisha.

Melisha discovered that there was a concept called toxic positivity which involves dismissing negative emotions and relating to oneself and others with a greater lack of empathy. It can come from a fear of negative emotions and is often well-meaning but can cause alienation and a feeling of disconnection.

This song is about this and the video is meant to illustrate it with the help of a character who is like a motivational speaker who is portrayed as very confused to say the least.

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