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Looking to hire a space in a Recording Studio in Brewhouse?

Are you a driven music creator who wants to have a space where you can record great music or podcasts? Now Powah Records studio are looking for someone to be a part of our studio space! We are only looking for serious and dedicated people and we will review the applicants continously.

You´ll get access to your own day each week in the studio. Also, we have our own chat group to communicate.

You´ll get access to recording rooms such as singing booth and mixing area - all are fully adapted for recording and the optimal listening. The floor is a floating studio floor. You´ll also get access to professional recording equipment to fully be able to develop your creative ideas!

About Melisha

Melisha is a music producer and recording engineer with a bachelor degree in music production. Since the summer of 2021 she has a project called #onesongamonth where she releases one music video each month on her YouTube channel. The channel has since reached more than 2,2 milion views.

About Brewhouse

Brewhouse was originally Apotekarne's old soda factory that was built in the mid-1930s. What is now the Brewhouse arena was originally the large hall where the drinks were bottled.

Now the arena is a place where a lot of concerts and events are happening!

Since 2004, the factory building has been filled with small businesses with common roots in the media, music and film industries. And on floor 4, where Melisha has had her recording studio since 10 years ago, Apotekarne's laboratory and cooling tower were originally located. Now, instead, music and audiovisual art projects are brewed here, such as music.

Brewhouse also hosts Sweden's only incubator for creative tech. Here, entrepreneurs within music, stage, and tech who think innovatively and want to move forward can take their creative business idea to the next level! Read more about Brewhouse Incubator HERE

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