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Happy New Year - Melisha showcases 2023 wrapped!

Now this year comes to an end and Melisha´s project #onesongamonth wrapps up in a video with this year´s 13 songs. In total the project has 33 songs since the summer of 2021 when she started the project. Click the image above to watch the video!

Milestones reached this year; in August, first song crossed 300 K views and in December the Youtube Channel crossed 1 milj total views.

In a world dominated by major record labels and industry giants, Melisha MusicProduction is creating her own world as an independent underdog. Residing in Gothenburg, this single mother and dedicated artist has been a 100% DIY artist running her studio in Brewhouse for the past 11 years, accumulating a wealth of experience in the music production realm over the last 23 years. Her journey as a musician is not just about creating music; it's a testament to the power of passion and determination in the face of challenges.

The summer of 2021 marked a turning point in Melisha's career when she embarked on the ambitious #onesongamonth project due to the challenges of the pandemic. This initiative reflects her commitment to consistently deliver content, releasing one song accompanied by a music video every month.

Melisha is involved in every aspect of the process. Not only does she write, produce, mix, and master her music, but she also takes charge of editing and creating all her music videos. Her dedication to the DIY concept extends further, as she operates under her own label.

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