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'Diamonds' - The new song in the project #onesongamonth !

💎 "Diamonds" 💎 is the title of my new song - which is the 36th song in my project where I release one song and music video every month.


This year, my project revolves around sustainability from various perspectives, and this time the message is about sustainable living, taking care of oneself, and one's well-being. The pop-cultural visual inspiration for this video is Marilyn Monroe and her "Diamonds are a girl's best friend" - where the glittery surface depicted hides a tragic reality. In the message, I aim to flip the concept and argue that the real diamonds are found when one opens up to being in the present moment, rather than in a world where we are pressured towards superficiality.


"Marilyn was celebrated for her surface, but she also had tremendous talent. When I was young, it was her voice that I loved, and many times in my life, I've thought that her talent hasn't been given enough focus."


In this song, I've made a variation - my own interpretation of 'Diamonds are a girl's best friend' in the intro, but the song that follows is entirely new.


I should take the opportunity to mention that the cool Marilyn tie I'm wearing in the video is created by Viveka gren, who creates Wearable art! In the picture you see a closeup of the tie.

For this video, I wanted to try to create two things: one was a wig and the other was to alter a dress. I can reveal that it has both gone well and very badly. And in my app, I've shared pictures of how it went - at the bottom of the page, there's a download link to the app. It doesn't cost anything to have the app, but then you can get some inside stories about what I'm doing


I've decided not to post as much on social media. I'm going to focus more on being in the present moment instead.


The goal for my project this year is to focus on: 🌱🌍 Sustainability - awareness of our impact on the world 👗🕰️🎩 Exploring fashion from past eras - traveling through the ages ♻️💭 Second-hand and circular thinking - and last but not least - 🧘‍♂️ Mindfulness and being in the present moment ..... - and having fun! 🎉🎵

 The audio recording took place at Powah Studio in Brewhouse, Gothenburg.

  • Piano and all instruments are played by Melisha.

  • Produced by Melisha.

  • The #onesongamonth project is about letting creativity take place in life.


-- The last day of April, this song will be released - exclusively on YouTube!

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