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Now you can see Melisha's September song "Aliens" in the new music video as the #onesongamonth pr...

Melisha's project #onesongamonth now continues for the 14th month in a row with the song "Aliens", which, like the other songs, is recorded in her studio in Brewhouse Gothenburg. The song is the first song she has written about the feeling she has had over the years of being one of the very few that she knows who have chosen to be vegan.

  1. "When I was young, I read a book my aunt gave me that was written by a vegan. All of a sudden, things started to fall into place for me about how I wanted to live, but there were many people who warned me that I would have nutritional deficiencies and that it would be dangerous. Now many years later, I feel very good and feel happy that I continued to live by my convictions despite all of the pressure from outside," says Melisha.

  2. "I've only known very few vegans besides myself in my entire life, but the internet and social media have allowed me to get to know a lot of other vegans virtually. When I posted in one such group about that I didn't know anyone who lived the way I did, it turns out there were a lot of people who could relate to that. This community online is what inspired me to write this song. There are a lot of people out there who feel like Aliens in different ways."

Like the other songs, all the instruments are played by Melisha herself, but this time her 16-year-old son (who just started Rytmus music high school) has helped record the vocals. Because of his mother's music video projects, the boy has to endure a lot, for example being woken up one Sunday morning by an Alien.

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The advantage of always being challenged by other people as a vegan is that you often try to figure things out. Since Melisha became a vegan before the internet became so big, she has read a lot of books on the subject, but now there is also a lot to find online. Nowadays, however, it is much more accepted by others and there are a lot of products out there. An example in Sweden is a Gothenburg-based foodtech company called Mycorena, which has just built a factory where they will manufacture vegan protein. Melisha got to take part in a tasting organized by the company and got to taste vegan tuna for the first time.

  1. "It feels like I've woken up in a future that I couldn't even dream of when I first became vegan. Now there are options just about everywhere and it feels very accepted in a way that it wasn't before. That and the vegan the online community has made me dare to write a song like this and would love to do more songs in the same style."

In a study from Oxford University, including contributing authors to the WHO report Global Burden of Disease, the researchers have used data from this report to calculate how different dietary patterns affect our environment and health. Here it is stated that if we were to adopt a vegetarian diet, 7.3 million premature deaths could be prevented and for a vegan diet the figure is 8.1 million. Thousands of billions of kroner will also be saved in reduced healthcare costs. The researchers also emphasize that these figures are underestimates compared to existing data. The vegan diet also provided the greatest benefits for the environment. 

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