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Melisha's 16th song in the project #onesongamonth - Orange sky is released today!

Melisha's project #onesongamonth now continues for the 16th month in a row with the song "Orange Sky", which, like the other songs, was recorded in her studio in Brewhouse Gothenburg. The project involves releasing one song with an accompanying music video per month and began in the summer of 2021.

Releasing a song a month with accompanying music video over a long period of time is a project that requires a lot of dedication and will, but it's also a challenge to see if it's really possible. For Melisha, it has been about her previous knowledge and experience being able to enable such a massive DIY project. Melisha has previously produced music for other artists, made jingles and other music as well as being an activist in music production and equality by founding the non-profit association EQLovesmusic with many projects to raise the subject, including EQLovesFestival which attracted several international star producers.

Now Melisha has continued her activism by holding workshops for young girls in Nordic projects and is involved in an international project initiated by National arts centre in Canada but can for the first time in her career focus on investing in her own music through this project.

This song is about being present in the moment, finding your light and being able to reflect it into each day as a new beginning. It is also about the death of the past and how we are reborn into unlimited possibilities. The sunrise represents the gift of life for each day where time is not something that passes, it is something that is given. As if every moment has a new birth with new opportunities to reflect and create new.

"In this video I have been inspired by recent conversations and learned more about zodiac signs and what they can mean to who you are as a person.", says Melisha and continues: "As a skeptic, I've never really believed in this kind of thing, but have still felt open to things that feel close to spirituality. I also haven't been able to fully relate to my star sign, but when I found out that I have an ascendant in Cancer, it actually hit the spot.

- Anyway, my hope is that the song can help inspire people to create the future to be happy."

Link to your preferred streaming platform ⬇️⬇️⬇️🧡:

Spotify playlist with all songsThe video is filmed and edited by Melisha

Music created, produced, mixed and mastered by Melisha

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