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Melisha is releasing a vampire-themed music video just in time for Halloween!

In the flame music out now

Melisha MusicProduction, the music producer from Gothenburg with a studio in Brewhouse, is releasing an electronic Halloween song with a vampire theme. The characters in the music video include various vampires and witch crows, a bat and of course flames, as the song is about a magical flame of fire. Designer Viveka Gren is behind the fantastic creations that the characters wear in the video.

"In the flame" is an electronic uptempo song about the main character ending up in "Halloween land" and being chased and bitten by a vampire. The whole project is a DIY project by Melisha who in addition to creating intro music with the vampire hunt also produced, wrote, mixed and mastered the song which is released digitally via The Orchard to all platforms.

"With this audiovisual audiovisual design, I wish I could give a little extra atmosphere to the Halloween party and the weekend, to maybe get a little magic break from everyday life, and I hope you will enjoy it! 🎃👻" says Melisha.

Music video

The music video is like the previous releases from Melisha, 100% DIY project where Nadja Itäsaari has filmed and Melisha edited the video. In the characters we find Missy Crown, Nadja Itäsaari and Zukie Fiuxo who, in addition to acting as vampires, are also their own music producers and artists.

Link to your preferred streaming platform⬇️⬇️⬇️💕

Link to Spotify ✅⬇️📲 👂🎧💕

The story is about a girl who magically enters the evil Halloween Land and getting chased and bitten by a vampire, to see the vampire-chase-teaser:

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