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The Messenger

Heres my scientific essay about this song (In swedish): Ljud och känsla - en essä om att förmedla och förändra ett ljuds känsla genom audiovisuell gestaltning och komposition

What happens if I modify the messenger sound and create a musical loop with it ? If I modify the sound, can I modify the feeling the sound creates in me ? I did just that. And it sounded like drops of water. Soothing. ........ Lately I´ve been feeling a bit stressed out by the messenger sound. Both work, family and friends use it. Endless notifications anytime day and night. When you turn the notifications off the fear is that you can miss out on important things... Is it stressful because it is just a artificial communication with a high pitched sound attached to it, not rooted in what we as humans are used to during our existence? The messenger sound has changed since the start. Before it was more mellow and not so piercing in its pitch. What about the sound? If I modify it, how does it sound ? How does it feel ? I modified the sound with redrum sampler and made it into notes. Then I played a steel tongue drum along with it and made a composition of it with instruments. It was a search for an inner peace, I guess, thats how this music, the messenger appeared to me. And now the sound only reminds me of this journey to create this music and the feeling is not stressful anymore. Maybe stress (and fear) can teach us something if we find the strength to face it ? The video is created by the material of Cottonbro and the documentary "Life In Space". The video is free and I dont want to make money from it. I will be happy if maybe someone can relate to my story and they can perhaps find some peace from listening to the composition.

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