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Princess Diana

I made a composition with the famous interview with princess Diana. It became a kind of a spoken word composition. Her fate has affected many and she became a symbol of the failed structures of the royal establishment. Before I did the task, I watched a number of documentaries about her. More specifically, three pieces. She described herself as a sacrificial lamb. A young virgin with the right birth who would marry off the prince - even if the prince himself did not want it. He was in love with someone else. But she did not discover it until just before the wedding. She herself was in love with the prince and thought the feelings were real. In a famous interview where the engagement was announced, Charles answers the question of whether they were in love with the words "whatever it means to be in love". Diana was young and could not really handle what was happening. She became ill with depression but also bulimia. She describes that she could not really get help and support from the royal family in her situation. And especially not by her husband who still kept in touch with his Camilla. The image expresses a woman who dances through life and expresses emotions. Diana was a dancer. She says she could dance for hours to express her feelings. The dress looks like a prom dress and the room is black, which gives the feeling that she is alone and struggling with a dark mind. Since there is not a sharpness in the image, I think I hear a sound image of the piano with elements of distance and depth. Slightly undefined sound. I wanted to work with a few parts in the sound layout to give focus, projection to what I wanted the image to convey. (What I thought the picture conveyed to me.) The process was about looking for sound clips where Diana is talking. In one of the documentaries "Diana - in her own words" sound clips of recordings from an author who would make her biography were played. I recorded a lot of good sentences from there, but could not implement them because there was music in the background. I tried a lot anyway but it did not sound good on the whole even though I succeeded perfectly okay. Then I started searching for other youtube interviews with her. I found two pieces that I could use and I ended up using sounds from only one. This is because the sound was so different in the two cliffs. Then I did the composition. I had already "heard" it in my head when I saw the picture. Then I wanted to give the soundscape even more of the feeling of historical time. It was not one now I wanted to portray. I wanted it to feel like a time travel. So I recorded vinyl noise. Vinyl noise is an incredibly beautiful noise in my opinion and has heat and crackling, a bit like a fire. I worked with her sound recordings to create a script for the time travel. I repeated some phrases in different pans and in many parts I extended the time, ie I wanted her to speak more slowly than she did. To give weight to the words but also to create a calm in relation to the piano. Diana usually talks quite fast and stressful. But by making her speak more slowly, I experienced a greater depth and closeness in her words. I also adapted her sentences to suit the music.

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