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Apply to rent studio space

This is the page where you fill in the application to rent a space in our recording studio in Brewhouse Gothenburg. Be sure to fill in the application below thourougly.


Are you a driven music producer or musician who wants to have a space where you can work on your music or perhaps record your own podcast?


Now we are looking for someone to be a part of the Powah Studio space! 

We are looking for serious and dedicated people between 25-55 and we will review the applicants continously.

You´ll get access to your own day each week in the studio. We also have our own chat group where we communicate on what’s going on.

You´ll get access to recording rooms such as singing booth and mixing area - all are fully adapted for recording and the optimal listening. The floor is a floating studio floor. You´ll also get access to professional recording equipment to fully be able to develop your creative ideas!


The price for rental is 1755 sek plus tax (moms) per person. We do not allow study circles.

Apply Here
I have a stable income

Thanks for applying!We’ll get back to you soon.


Åvägen 24,

412 51 Gothenburg


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