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Today Melisha releases the July song "Lost My Forgiveness" in the project #onesongamonth - 12 son...

Today, the 12th song in Melisha's project #onesongamonth was released, which means that the project celebrates one year. One song a month has been released on her own label, recorded, produced and final mixed by herself. She has also played all the instruments, guitar, drums, piano and more. The song "Lost my forgiveness" is about the importance to not always forgive all the time, especially if you are in a toxic relationship.

  1. "We often talk about the importance of forgiveness, but I've learned that the opposite can be the key to getting out of manipulative and toxic relationships. It's about not letting people use your kindness against you over and over again." says Melisha.

The inspiration for the music video is from 70s aesthetics and the background film is filmed by Melisha's son Leonardo in Aurdal Norway on an abandoned train. The rest of the video is filmed by Melisha herself, who makes her videos using green screen.

  1. "Because I work on this project continuously, I am limited to use the resources I already have, but the limitations have given me a means of expression that still allows my ideas to emerge. I am so grateful that I dared to do this project, which is quite scary and now it's already been a whole year, when I released a song every month"

The project is not over yet, on the last Friday of every month there will be a new song.

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