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New song: I wanna be nobody - only out on youtube

This is the last day of january and I didn´t think I would make it! My #onesongamonth project has been going on for more than two and a half years and lately I´ve been feeling like I just want to be off the internet and being introvert. 🌷🌺🙃 So I wrote this song about it ! It´s called "I wanna be nobody" and Im releasing it only on youtube. Its about just wanting to be in the present moment and a celebration to the imagination. Its my first song of the year in this project.

 🌷 It´s also about being introvert and how your creativity can help you through.

👑🎀🍰👸🏼🌸✨ The hair-hats (I would like to call them that) I´ve made myself from second hand wigs. I believe in second hand because we humans can´t continue to produce stuff, buy new stuff and contribute to build garbage. So my outfits are second hand and I´ve altered them. The pink dress is from a local second hand store called Studio W.

About Melisha

Melisha, a 100% DIY artist, single mother, and owner of a studio in Brewhouse, is a music producer that used to produce for other artists. But in the summer of 2021, the pandemic changed a lot and allowed her to start her project.

Her dedication to the DIY concept extends beyond just music creation, as she single-handedly manages writing, producing, mixing, and mastering her tracks. Furthermore, Melisha takes charge of editing and creating all her music videos.

The recording took place at Powah Studio in Brewhouse Gothenburg, where Melisha was playing the instruments and recording vocals. The studio has been a creative haven for Melisha, providing the space for her to experiment and bring her artistic visions to life. Melisha's journey as an independent artist has been nothing short of challenging but also fun. With a bachelor's degree in music production from Dalarna University, she embarked on the #onesongamonth project in the summer of 2021. Since then, she has consistently delivered a diverse range of tracks, each accompanied by a music video. As a single mother, Melisha's dedication to her craft and the #onesongamonth project can come across as crazy but is really about allowing the songs to live on.

-- TODAY THE last day of january ɪ am releasing this ꜱᴏɴɢ only on Youtube !

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