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The End Song

I wrote The End song to tribute the last episode of Game Of Thrones.  Which I have not seen yet as I am writing this.  It contains a prediction which I do not know will come true or not.  This song came to me on Friday and I finished it […]

Game of thrones tribute – Dragon Mother release

Dragon Mother on Spotify ENG: This soundtrack is composed and written as a tribute for the upcoming season 8 of Game of Thrones. It is a tribute (and a hero song) dedicated to one of the main caracters in the series, Daenerys Targaryen, the Female hero in Game of Thrones. […]

Ups and downs och förändring

Vi alla människor har ju ups and downs, jag brukar fokusera mycket på att vara tacksam för det jag har och får göra i livet så därför är det mycket ups nuförtiden. Så har det såklart inte alltid varit. Väldigt mycket tvärtom faktiskt. Men nuförtiden är inte avgrunden där längre, […]

My first blogpost

Ok so this is my very first blogpost and I probably have very much to share, but Im thinking about what to share 🙂 Also, I´m writing in english which is not my native language but all my lyrics is currently in English so I´m thinking its better this way? […]