ENGLISH – Melisha releases her Power Ballad ”Messed up” with a ”Messy” lo-fi video

Melisha releases her Power Ballad ”Messed up” with a ”Messy” lo-fi video

Melisha MusicProduction’s new song Messed up, a power ballad that she releases together with, to say the least, colorful and ”messy” lo-fi music video was released yesterday and already made it to two Spotify Playlists, Pop hits 2021 and Bedroom pop. The song, which is about how surprising and chaotic feelings of love can be.

Melisha, a single mother and a true advocatefor gender equality in music production through her founding and project work with the non-profit association EQLovesMusic, is also passionate about the DIY concept as she releases her own label but also writes, produces, mixes and masters the music in her studio in Brewhouse Gothenburg.

ers the music in her studio in Brewhouse Gothenburg.https://www.youtube.com/embed/XCv-lBl0jKA

”It’s my also my first love song about being in love, the rest of my love songs have been about heartache and misery… What would it be like to imagine a utopia of being in love instead?”, Says Melisha and did it by writing and produce this song.

The video is filmed by Nadja Itäsaari and Melishas 10-year-old niece Natalie and her friend Martha has helped with the colors.

To listen to the song on your streaming platform: https://orcd.co/j4jrewz

Melisha Linnell is the studio girl who, after 20 years in the industry, has given up all other assignments in music production to invest in her own music. In addition to music creation, Melisha is also active in the gender equality organization EQLovesMusic and a teacher in Music Production at the University of Gothenburg. In addition, she works part-time as a communicator and webmaster at GU Ventures in Gothenburg.