Melisha bio

More pics from my gigs is below.

My name is Melisha and I am a music producer and studio owner since 20 years.
My studio is located in Brewhouse Gothenburg at the 4:th floor and I have a mix of analog and digital recording equipment. Below you can see some pictures from my studio.
My instruments are piano, guitar and vocals. (Cello and drums also)
I have, before the pandemic, worked as a pianobar-artist and also a DJ and started writing and producing songs at a very young age. I was 11 when I first started producing but it was 20 years ago I started developing my own recording studio.

Since then I have been investing everything in my studio and my music production. 
I have always worked 3 or more jobs to manage and as a single mother it has surely been a struggle.
But music production has been a passion, an obsession and also my love.
I wanted to give up so many times, because of the never ending inequality and sexism that i encountered during my years, but my love for music creating kept me going. And it was so much easier to just have my own studio.  
I also managed to earn a bachelor degree in music production and now also Im doing my master.
Since 2005 I also started to get mixing and mastering jobs and also as an educator. 
Since 2017 I work as a guest teacher teaching music production, mixing and mastering at the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg. 

In 2017 i co founded a non profit organization EQLovesMusic to highlight the issue of gender inequality in music production and has been working very hard to lift and help female producers. It has given me very much to be able to work with helping our members and also to lift others.

I have many of my own productions that I want to release. 
But I have always also produced for other artists in Sweden during the years. In 2017 an album I produced for artist Aurelia Dey was nominated for best rhythm at Manifestgalan. And I also worked other Swedish artist as Robyn, Petter, Sallyswag, Phillip Williams, SheTrance, Malin Mellow and more.