The End Song

I wrote The End song to tribute the last episode of Game Of Thrones. 

Which I have not seen yet as I am writing this. 

It contains a prediction which I do not know will come true or not. 

This song came to me on Friday and I finished it yesterday, and since I was doing it so fast 

You can actually hear my dog bark after the violin solo. 

Hope you like it. Klick to get to the youtube video which is not monetized.


The End Song

You’re tired and the world is dark it’s hard to go to sleep

The candles lighting up the night with stories you can keep

Your cheeks are wet and heart is warm your can not comprehend 

The tears are here cause now it’s time my friend

This song is here because it is the end 

Hidden in the shell of life the child is still and soft 

The flame of life it breathes in the dragon to wake up 

She gives her love to creatures no one wants to have as friends

They die together blood is on her hands  

This song is here because it is the end

From all the blood the sinner breaths

The sword is warm of flesh 

It’s keeping all the secrets 

of the future lifes it takes 

A hero and a sinner walks the path 

they choose to take 

Hand in hand they re walking memory lanes

This song is here because it is 

the end

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