My first blogpost

Ok so this is my very first blogpost and I probably have very much to share, but Im thinking about what to share 🙂 Also, I´m writing in english which is not my native language but all my lyrics is currently in English so I´m thinking its better this way?

First, I am a single mother. To a beatboxing music loving boy. And I have a recording studio in Brewhouse Gothenburg. I have a small company and this has never been an easy choice from the economic perspective. But its been easy to choose from my heart.

As you can imagine, theres a lot of work trying to make ends meet, and at the same time thinking about how to get food on the table for my son and give him a good life.

Luckally, he´s been very supportive of me and luckally I feel much blessing in my engagement in the non profit organisation EQLovesMusic. This helps me to continue to keep on moving forward as a producer through all times.

I work as a DJ and I´m always testing my own tracks while I´m playing. I have finished up some songs that I really want to be able to release but right now I don´t really have the money to do that, so I´m thinking about just releasing it without the marketing plan. Which is kind of stupid, but at the same time, I want to continue with new songs. And I have so many new ideas. Sometimes it feels hard to be alone in this, I really would wish I had a manager and a record company to support the projects. And to collaborate with other artists.

On the 15:th of April I will perform at Storan in Gothenburg on the event about the film ”Wild dogs”. Which is a documentary about equality and music production. I was so happy to be apart of this, not in a panel, but just with my music! So I am very grateful for this.

I will perform unreleased material and also play part of the music acoustic. Im really keen on sharing the music, but I need a good way to do that. And I am thinking of sharing the stem-files as well somehow.

I will perform a song called ”Heart back”, which is a song about relationships and loosing your self. I have a acoustic version of that song and a produced version. The acoustic version is very melancholic and real. But I was hoping to record it in a bigger studio than mine with a different recording engineer. I reached out to the studio I was hoping to record in for more than 6 months via mail and phone, but nobody got back to me haha. The studio was The Jungle City studio run by Ann Mincieli. Of course I can record it by myself but I don´t want to. I also want to book time in another studio to record this song, and this choice would be RMV studio in Stockholm. I would have to have the mindset of not interfering in the recording process. I know how Ann Mincieli would probably record the piano. Mid side with her own twist of phase shift, because I read how she made her famous recordings. It would be interesting to learn how Linn would record the piano. But I would probably need to not care about that because I have to deconnect myself from that mindset when I´m playing the song. But I would need money to do this first and foremost. 😀

The produced version is more uplifting in the sonic nature. I needed that contrast to reflect the actual feel of the message. This version is produced in my recording studio and does not need additional studio recordings, In my mind.

The lyrics is as follows:

Heart Back Lyrics:

By Melisha Linnell

Verse 1:

I´m falling baby, your eyes are so cold, Im falling baby

you dont touch me no more, I´m falling baby, my eyes are so sore, from crying baby


And I dont know why, I ut myself out there, gave my heart out, and now its nothing left of it, and if I could I would, shut me down and turn me off, your love, I dont want it no more….


So give me my heart back, return to sender

There´s a hole in my chest where it used to be

Give me my heart back, return to sender

Give it, cause I need it

Verse 2:

I know you baby, when something is wrong I know you baby

And I promised I know when to save me, and your moving away from me lately


And I dont want to try, to put myself out there, gave my heart out, my heart is all thats left of me

And if I could I would, shut the lights of all the flashing lights, you can´t see me no more


So give me my heart back, return to sender

There´s a hole in my chest where it used to be

Give me my heart back, return to sender

Give it, cause I need it


And all the reasons are clear, for you to be there, and all the memories we shared, will be inside of me, and all the reasons are clear, for you to be there, all the memories we shared, will be inside of my heart, so give me, give my heart back

Return to sender…..

Heres the private demo !! Dont share 😀 because it is not finished, just a demo

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