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ABOUT Melisha

– is a music producer with a recording studio in Brewhouse, Gothenburg Sweden and she earned university degree in Mittuniversitetet and a bachelor degree in music production from University of Dalarna even though she has worked many years as a producer before that.

– has produced artists Aurelia Dey, Malin Mellow, Sallyswag, Fillip Williams, Doreal and many more.

– hasrecently produced a remix, on Antonio D:s Ljuva Livet, that ended up on PSL topp 20 list in October 2017

– recieved musicians scolarship award 2017:,c2289985

–  in an Interview in the biggest music production podcast in Sweden ”musikproddpodden”:

–  has recently produced Aurelia Dey Alpha vol 1, 4 out of 6 songs on this album. (Ingen vet, Jag står kvar, Yatzy, Ginger Te.)

This release was nominated in Manifestgalan till årets rytm.

–  has recently recorded, mixed and mastered the band Sallyswag in her studio, here is an interview in the biggest recording magazine ”Studio” in Sweden:–fullt-blas-med-nio-starka-viljor-i-studion

–  has recently produced an album with the artist and songwriter Malin Mellow:

–  has recently released a compilation album with some of her productions: